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Accuracy of data/information:

At OnStream we put in a lot of effort to ensure that we give you reliable data and information. However, it’s essential to understand that we don’t make any guarantees, about the availability, accuracy, suitability or completeness of the data, information, products and services provided through the OnStream App or website including any associated visuals. This disclaimer applies to all situations and scenarios.

OnStream Application and Website Related Changes:

OnStream has the authority to make changes temporary suspensions or complete removals of any portion or the entirety of the OnStream App or website, without notice. We cannot be held responsible if the OnStream App or website becomes unavailable for any period of time.

3rd Party Links

Please be aware that when using the OnStream app and website you might encounter links to websites. It’s important to note that OnStream does not have control or ownership over these websites. Consequently, we cannot be held accountable for their practices, privacy policies or content. We want to ensure our users understand that any negative consequences or losses resulting from the use of products, services or content, on third party websites are not the responsibility of OnStream.


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Limited Liability

OnStream cannot be held responsible for any damages that result in the loss of profits or revenues or any other consequential or punitive damages. This includes losses that may occur due to (a) your use or inability to use the OnStream App or website (b) accessing or using our servers and personal information stored (c) interruptions in transmission to or, from the OnStream App or website or (d) any bugs, viruses trojan horses or similar harmful software transmitted through the OnStream App or website by parties. These situations are covered by this policy.


When using the OnStream app and website users are required to protect and release OnStream from any claims, legal actions, lawsuits, or other legal proceedings. Additionally, users also accept responsibility for any liabilities, damages, fines, spending (including lawyer’s fees) or other ouflows that may arise from violating this disclaimer.

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